What is Design Build?

What Is Design Build?

The Design Build remodeling experience combines interior design, architecture and construction under one roof to provide a single point of contact for your home remodel or custom home.  There are some notable advantages for the consumer to pursue this style of home renovation or custom home:

Your project is designed from the very beginning with a target budget.  This means that the solution presented is buildable from a practical, as well as financial perspective.  Because Winthorpe purchases the products and hires the tradespeople to complete the work, your designer is well versed in the costs of various building elements.  This allows us to design your proposed home addition or custom home with an accurate price to complete.

A single point of contact from beginning to end minimizes customer frustration and helps the project run more smoothly.  Because remodeling deals with several unknowns as they relate to the existing house, there is the potential for problems to arise.  With a design build firm, you have a single point of contact to resolve any problems or issues.  No finger pointing or playing the blame game between a contractor, architect or interior designer, just solutions to help your remodel move forward successfully.

Scott Szeliga has believed in the design build model since the company began in 1988 for the benefits it provides and the positive remodeling experience it creates.  Learn more about Winthorpe’s Design Build process  or find out what sets Winthorpe apart from other Design Build firms.