As with any remodeling project, we must consider your needs and desires. We start out by asking about your goals, your lifestyle and your vision. Our goal is to blend the existing and new portions of your home to fit together—matching your home's spaces with your personality.

Our Philosophy

We believe every addition needs to look like it belongs in terms of style, shape, and flow. Additions require a marriage of the existing home and the expanded home. Ideally, from outside and in, an addition should look like it’s always been there. Even when an older home has a contemporary addition, enough elements from the existing home should be incorporated into the addition so there’s a seamless transition from old to new.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • As my family grows or changes will the addition be adaptable to these changes?
  • How will the addition contribute to my existing home?
  • What else do we want to get out of this project?
  • What issues need to be addressed or updated in the existing portion of the home?
  • How can we maximize the return on our investment for this project?

Knowing You and Your Lifestyle

The more we know about you and what you want, the better we are able to serve your needs. “There’s really nothing more important,” says Scott Szeliga. “It takes time to get to understand a homeowner. A give and take of ideas combined with experience and creativity ultimately gets us to the best final result."

Does this process take a little more time? It may, but we know you will realize the distinct value of working with Winthorpe Design & Build.