Our Commitment

A Commitment to Understanding Your Needs

With every job, Winthorpe Design & Build makes a commitment to understanding your needs and bringing you through the process. As our project manager explains, "We need to get to know our customers as individuals before we begin a job. From there, I think it's our job to guide them through the project. Our site managers are required to keep homeowners informed."



Our Customer Quality Audit

Projects are more than just blueprints. No matter how well you plan, there will always be unexpected challenges. Our distinction is how we cope with those challenges to reach a solution that satisfies the homeowner.

And we always ask, "How are we doing?" We even ask you to grade us using our Customer Quality Audit. The Winthorpe staff may even be a bit obsessive in going that extra mile just to get good grades!

Winthorpe Design & Build

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